Projects in Development

LILLIM: (Action/Mythology – (Graphic Novel Trailer): Adapted from the Image Comics Graphic Novel

A battle of epic proportion ensues in an ancient time, Odin vows to punish Humanity, but in response, Loki slaughters his brethren and retreats to the sea…Many years later, Loki awakens to a modern world, only to discover that his siblings are still very much alive and wreaking havoc once again.

JIM IN THE BOX (Horror Short Film): Best Horror Film – Show Off Your Shorts Film Festival

Jack the Clown gets his revenge!

ZOMBIE FAMILY (Comedy Short Film): 3.5M+ YouTube Views – Show features Doug Jones, Tony Todd, Reggie Bannister, Diamond Dallas Page, Cerina Vincent, and Charlie O’Connell

An average family of decomposing carcasses trying to keep up with the Jones’–soon find they may have to eat them too.

GREEN LANTERN (Feature Spec Script): Adapted from DC Comics

Hal Jordan finds himself in possession of the most powerful item in the universe – a Green Lantern Ring – but when evil threatens his friends, his girlfriend, and the universe itself, Hal must find the courage to overcome great fear to become the hero The Guardians of the Universe believe him to be.

DRAGON BALL Z (Feature Spec Script): Adapted from the beloved Anime Series

Goku’s child is kidnaped and held hostage by an alien invader – with little time to spear, Goku and his warrior friends must quickly become strong enough to defeat the invader, before he kills all sentient life on the planet.

HANA (Animated Musical Feature):

Hana Ban lives on a magical island off the coast of Japan, with her father, who runs the largest trading port in the region, which is protected from ferocious mystical monsters of the sea by the magic of their family Seal – but when Hana is refused the right to leave the island she steals the Seal for a Spanish ship Captain, and in doing so, she breaks the protective spell around the island putting everyone in great peril. Now, with her the help of her friend Kado (a tiny monster), she must get back the seal from the Spanish Captain and save her beloved island from the ferocious sea monsters.

MORNINGSTAR (Supernatural Anthology TV):

Beyond the tree-lined streets, smiling neighbors, and town square parades of Morningstar, there is a pitch-black underbelly where supernatural forces battle for control of the town, as those forces will dictate the fate of the world.  

ZARDONIA (Adventure Feature/TV):

The vile Warlock Vondrone returns to Zardonia and releases deadly monsters that have been since exiled to the Dungeons; now King Dakkar will have to rely on the aid of the most gifted spell casters and warriors in the Land to band together and stop this vile Warlock once and for all.

GOTTA HAVE HEART (Sci-Fi Dramady Feature):

1960’s beloved Baseball star Joe Rockson is cryogenically frozen after discovering a terminal brain tumor; he is later thawed in present time, rehabilitated, and returns to MLB to take the Chicago “Wind” to what may be their first World Series victory in well over 100 years.


A ferocious species of extremophile Bats-On-Fire threaten to destroy the Brazilian City of Rio, unless University Professor Michigander Joe and his Rag-Tag group of raunchy students can stop the volcano from erupting millions of deadly, fiery, Lava-Bats!

21ST CENTURY PSYCHO (Thriller Feature):

A white supremacist “Uber” driver stalks and murders minority passengers using Social Media to his aid, while struggling with delusions of grandeur that he will become a Hollywood movie star.

GUTWRENCHER (Action/Horror Feature): Adapted from the Graphic Novel published by Image Comics and written by Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”)

Uninvited outcast Sebastian Wren wreaks havoc upon his tormentors after being infected with an ancient curse that releases his stifled rage during his 10 year High School Reunion party in the woods.

THE BLOODEYE (Action/Western Feature):

Sheriff Frank Marlowe’s wife is murdered and his son is kidnapped by the villainous ‘Man with the Braid’ which leads Frank and his cohorts on a torturous journey down into Mexico to face the sins of his past in order to save his son.

SUICIDE HOTLINE (Suspense/Thriller Feature):

A scandalous romance results in multiple dead bodies forcing retired Detective Jersey Delone to cover up the crime – but in doing so, he unveils an intricate mystery that will haunt him until it is solved.

THE HIVE (Horror Feature):

Throwback style horror film about a secret society of Bee People (as in the insects) that takes place on a college campus where the society’s front is a Greek Sorority.

AMSTERDAM (Coming of Age Drama Feature):

Five college students discover friendship, love and their individual paths, during a study abroad in Europe.

MILDEW (Drama Feature): ICM claimed this script to be “Masterfully Written” and it was given “High Recommend” in ICM’s coverage.

An unemotional father abandons his poetic son in their Father and Son carpeting business to pursue his dream of opening an old-time picture house.

PLAYGROUND P.I. (Children’s/Detective/Noir Feature):

9 year old Hard boiled playground P.I. Rudy Robin cracks down on a new type of candy flooding the playground and making kids way too hyper, all while trying to expose a scandalous student body election, bust the playground candy King Pin/bully, and woo the girl that will prove to be his rock of stability or the storied femme fatale.

JONESTOWN (Prestige Drama Feature):

Inspired by the true story, Jonestown follows the indoctrination of Bethany Gibbs into the People’s Temple cult, led by the infamous Jim Jones, which culminates with the largest mass suicide in human history.

WHIRLAWAY (Drama Feature): Adapted screenplay from the sailor’s cult classic novel, “Whirlaway”

Martin is broke and freezing his ass off in the bitter Chicago winter, until his long time friend and sailor Jack convinces him to Con a psychotic Brain Surgeon into purchasing a charter boat business…with nothing to lose, Martin embarks on a life altering adventure that will make him learn that he can’t run from himself forever.

THE SCHMUCK (Comedy Feature):

A rising self-centered executive blows off his mother’s request to see him, as she’s on her death bed, resulting in her placing the “Curse of the Schmuck” upon him; now he has a short amount of time to right his wrong, win over the woman of his dreams, and learn the errors of his ways…or forever be doomed to be a SCHMUCK!


  • THE LAST PENDRAGON takes place in present day New York City where the last living descendant of King Arthur must take on his ancient ancestor’s secret duty of defending Earth from Satan and his evil minions.

  • THE DREAD PIRATE is an action/adventure film about a young man assuming the mantel of the legendary Dread Pirate.
  • A Buddy Pot Comedy…in SPACE! – – Two stoner janitors find themselves on a cargo-ship carrying a large shipment of space-weed, but when the ship is high-jacked by the daughter of the most notorious Mobster in the Galaxy; it will be up to these two unlikely heroes to save the day…in SPACE BUDS!

  • COMIC BOOK COMBAT (Non-Scripted) Show Deck: The first competition show to give an insider look into the world of comic book storytelling. Nine artists and Nine writers will compete to win a publishing deal with Zenescope Entertainment. Our competitors will be sequestered to a designated live/work space. There they will be filmed and interviewed for the duration of the show for all the drama that ensues before and after the competition’s challenges. In addition to creating what will become an internationally syndicated show; a pipeline of intellectual properties will be retained and owned by producers for further exploitation in ancillary revenue streams such as film, TV, novelization, merchandising, and other licensing deals.


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